Bridget's Well

D. Andrews


Spiritual Medium & Healer 

St. Brigid's Well, Kildare, Ireland



"People will not look forward to prosperity who have never look backward to their ancestors."

- Edmund Burke

Triple Goddess Spiral

Bridget, the triple goddess of healing, smithcraft, and poets, is revered in the Celtic world and among many other world traditions. Wells, churches, and tributes in her honor are found worldwide. She is known by many names; Bride, Brigid, Brigit, Brigitte, and Mary of Gael, and stands as a knowledgeable sacred guide and ancestor bearing compassionate wisdom to share and light to shine. 


As healer, she brings comfort, as smith, strength and flexibility, and as poet, answers to the mysteries of our heart bringing light to darkness. As St. Brigid, the goddess continues to be venerated in the Church. 

Like Bridget, healing wells are holy and have existed since before recorded time representing places of prayer, healing and connection with Other worlds. Holy wells honor saints or goddesses and many are dedicated to the wise woman, Bridget. 

Here, Bridget's Well represents, and teaches, healing, strength, and connection our to inner knowing and the ancestral wisdom that is available to each of us.