Bridget's Well

        Rev. D. Andrews

                    Spiritual Medium, Healer 

                            and Advisor

St. Brigit's Garden, County Kildare, Ireland


St. Brigid's Garden

County Kildare

D. is a Spiritual Medium, intuitive Healer, and an ordained Minister. She studied at Lilydale, the historic Spiritualist community in Western New York, and her Spiritualist lineage includes a wide array of healing and channeling masters. She is guided by ancestors and masters in her work.

As an intuitive Medium, D. communicates with Spirit connecting clients with loved ones and ancestors who have passed, delivering messages and validation from beyond the veil.

In her work as Healer, D. practices indigenous, energetic healing traditions guided by Spirit including: Ama Deus, a powerful healing methodology learned from native people of the Brazilian rainforest, in addition to more familiar Reiki, Intuitive Guidance and Light Language, among others, to restore balance and bring peace. 


As Spiritual Advisor, D. helps clients find a path of their own among the often confusing and conflicting traditions in which they find themselves, those they were raised in, and demanding expectations that surround us. Using inquiry and intuition, clients find a balance that enables them to honor their loved ones while loving themselves. Clients discover new ways to be and view the world.

When meeting with a client, D. is guided in the moment, by the client and Spirit, to what is most appropriate for each situation.

St. Brigid's Garden entrance, Kildare